Madame Marissa
Suffer under 2 breathtaking asses
Suffer under 2 breathtaking asses

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Do you like what you see? 2 really perfect butts - breathtakingly beautiful - and for you they'll be literally breathtaking! You'll get to feel them - as we're going to sit down on your face smother you under our hot asses. A loser like you will never get in contact with such great asses in another way - so enjoy the view and be a good seatpad for us! We'll of course let you breathe in between - at least when we're taking turns - but not too long since we enjoy how you're suffering. And you'll not only suffer because of the pain of our weight flattening your nose, but also suffer of the rising panic as your oxygen supply runs out. Maybe we should also sit on your face together - it's no problem for me to have Lady Nora sitting on my lap - but for your face and nose it will surely be much more painful!