Madame Marissa
Stuck to the unaware giantess's shoe - then crushed completely!
Stuck to the unaware giantess's shoe - then crushed completely!

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You're really a brave and fast tiny man - following around a giantess like me as I go for a walk in the woods ... aren't you afraid I'm going to crush you without even noticing? Again and again you crawl past my feet to get a good close up of my converse sneakers - and I almost step on you so many times. But then you get a little too curious - as you take a look at my shoe soles while I'm tying my shoelaces again, you're not fast enough to get away and when my heel comes down again, you get pinned under my shoe. Half of your tiny body is crushed into a pulp and you're stuck to my shoe sole like a gum! I still didn't notice you and as I walk around you can't do anything - you've to watch as I casually continue my walk through the woods - unaware that every step I take means unimaginable pain for you as your body is crushed more and more! When I get back to my car, I finally notice you and scrape you off my shoe sole. What should I do with you? Just leave you here in the parking lot, half crushed? Or should I end your suffering and crush you completely?! Yes, I already expected that you'd prefer a fast end to your suffering as well ... just to make sure, I won't step on you again ... I'll just drive over your tiny body a couple of times with my car!
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