Madame Marissa
Strawberry & Cream - prepared in rubber boots
Strawberry & Cream - prepared in rubber boots

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Today I'm going to prepare another foot-flavored treat for my slave. I got this new pair of rubber boots from a fan and my feet get really sweaty in these boots - perfect for a preparation like this. First I drop some strawberries into each shoe - then I top it off with some whipped cream. As I put on the boots you can hear the strawberries getting crushed and mixed with the cream - then I head outside for a little walk on this warm spring day. I walk and jump in the boots - making sure everything's crushed and soaked with my foot sweat (of course I give you a quick glance at my feet in between). Back at the apartment I take the boots off in front of my slave and make him lick the crushed food and sweat from my feet - and pour the rest of it from my boots into a bowl - bon appetit! :-)