Madame Marissa
Stinky socks or nylons? Both!
Stinky socks or nylons? Both!

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I just got back from my run and order the slave to sit down in the corner. I tell him how much I've been sweating, and he already knows what's coming next ... then I order him to take off my shoes, because I've a surprise for him still! After making him sniff the inside of my running shoes briefly, I shove my sweaty white socks into his face. I ask him, if he can notice any difference in smell already, but he can't - just that the smell is really intense. Under these socks, I've been wearing nylon socks - that I've been wearing in the office for a couple of days and now also under the socks during my run! I take off my socks and make him smell the nylons on my feet and the socks in my hands - before stuffing the sweaty socks into his mouth - while making him smell my nylon feet! In the end, I take off my nylon socks as well, put them on his nose and then cover them with my running shoe - so I can rest my feet on top while he can taste and smell my foot sweat!