Madame Marissa
Stinky socks and feet fresh out of winter boots
Stinky socks and feet fresh out of winter boots

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I've been wearing these socks for a couple of days now - and they're not only pretty dirty by now, but also pretty smelly since I've worn them in my warm comfy winter boots all the time. Of course, in these boots my feet get quite sweaty and therefore the socks smell pretty bad by now as well - perfect to press them on your nose! To make sure you can't get away from my feet, I've put you on a leash - with this I can easily pull your nose into my smelly socks! But you'll not only get to smell these socks - I'll take them off as well, so you can lick the foot sweat right off my bare feet. And don't forget to lick between the toes - where my feet always get smelly! In the end I'll stuff my sweaty socks into your mouth so you can suck the sweat and dirt out of them - while you serve me as a foot stool!