Madame Marissa
Standing or stomping? You decide!
Standing or stomping? You decide!

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My slave complimented my new pair of Mustang boots ... we'll see if he still likes them after this hand trampling. I tell him that I'll stand on his hands with my full weight - and that he can tell me when he wants me to get off. But of course, this will come at a price - because when I get off his hands, I'll then stomp down onto them! And then stand on them for a long time again! Obviously, the slave doesn't want to get his hands stomped on and tries to endure the standing for as long as possible - but he can't hold it forever and every time I step back onto his already bruised hands, it gets more intense and the boot tread gets imprinted deeper into his skin! Let's see how his hands look when I finally let go of him :-D