Madame Marissa
Squished under the unaware giantess' boot sole
Squished under the unaware giantess' boot sole

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We wanted to meet up for movie night - but you didn't show up? What I don't know ... or pretend to not know ... you showed up, but once again couldn't resist to smell my shoes and you were shrunk down. Now you're trapped under the sole of my heavy boot and you can only watch terrified as I walk through the apartment and look for you ... before going to bed ... leaving you trapped under my boot! The next morning your nightmare is getting much worse ... as I put on my boot with you still trapped below! As my full body weight comes down onto your tiny body, it's squished into the deep tread ... completely crushed in unimaginable pain you can only watch as I start into my day and carry your tiny body around like a gum crushed under my boot sole. I drive to work, walk through the office, go for a walk and even stomp out a cigarette with the boot you're trapped under ... not recognizing that every step I take means unbelievable pain for you as your body gets crushed more and more. When I get home, I take off my boots and you finally rest. When you wake up again, you're in my bathroom - under a high heel shoe! I finally reveal that I knew about your tiny body under my shoe all along and this was the start of your punishment! You really should not have smelled my shoes without asking for permission ... and now you'll suffer under every pair you got naughty with! Come on, this is my lightest pair of heels and I'm not even wearing them ... yet ... come on, try to get them off your tiny body ... guess you can't, can you? Well, it doesn't matter ... once I'm putting them on, you'll be under them for sure ... getting crushed over and over again! This is a non-exclusive custom clip for a fan. If you want me to do a custom clip for you, send me an email to!