Madame Marissa
Spit and street dirt from my boot soles
Spit and street dirt from my boot soles

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I order the slave to lick the filthy soles of my ankle boots - while I lay back and watch him closely. I've no idea what I walked through, but judging by the loser's face, it doesn't taste good at all :-D And while this alone is quite humiliating already, I think I'll help him a little bit, by spitting on the glass table, rubbing my boot soles in the spit and then making him lick the dirt and spit mix from the soles. I add more and more spit to the table and also to the boot soles directly! In the end the loser has to lie down on the floor, so I can rub my boot soles through his face and over his shirt - before he has to clean the spit off the table with his face as well :-D