Madame Marissa
Smothered under my dirty white socks
Smothered under my dirty white socks

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I've locked the loser in the smotherbox and bound his hands tightly with a rope. I want him to be completely at my mercy - at my feet's mercy to be more precise! I take off my converse sneakers and show him my dirty white socks - after a few days in these shoes, they surely have quite the smell! Then I start to smother the slave under my feet - and when I let him breathe for a short time, I only lift my feet a little bit - so he still has to smell the socks! I don't like that he can still breathe through his mouth instead of my socks, so I grab some duct tape and tape his mouth shut - now he can only breathe through his nose, he can't escape the smell of my socks and it's even easier to smother him as well!