Madame Marissa
Smothered by my cruel feet
Smothered by my cruel feet

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I've locked the slave's head in the smotherbox and bound his hands - now he's completely at my mercy - or at my feet's mercy! I order him to kiss the soles of my ankle boots - then take them off and reveal my moist nylon feet. I press my feet on his mouth and nose and smother him under my feet. Helplessly as he is, it's so easy to smother him and I love to see the panic in his eyes - and if he's allowed to breathe in between - he'll only inhale the smell of my nylons! I also stand on the box in between to put even more pressure on his nose and mouth. He should be thankful to be allowed to see his beautiful mistress from this angle - even if it means that he's getting smothered!