Madame Marissa
Smelly feet and foot smothering
Smelly feet and foot smothering

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As I got home from work, I’ve put the slave in the smotherbox and bound his hands right away. I take off my office pumps and reveal my moist steaming nylon feet! I had so much stuff to do today and ran around all day long - making my feet really sweaty and stinky ... but the slave doesn’t seem to appreciate the smell ... so I decide to smother him with my feet! And every time I let him breathe, he’ll still smell my feet! Maybe he’ll appreciate the smell of my feet more if that’s his only source of air - and at the same time, it’s a really funny game for me as well :-D Of course, he tries to cheat every now and then by breathing in through his mouth, but I can easily cover his mouth with one foot and resting the other foot on his nose to make him smell it. Nothing more relaxing than tormenting a slave after a long hard day of work!