Madame Marissa
Smell our stinky riding boots and socks, loser!
Smell our stinky riding boots and socks, loser!

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Come a little closer - or are you afraid?! We just got back from a full day of riding - and now you'll sniff our extremely stinky riding socks, loser! I've been wearing the Aigle rubber riding boots all day long and Nora was wearing her warm western riding boots ... are you ready? First, you'll get my riding boot on your nose, then Nora opens up the zipper on her boot and you can stick your nose in there immediately when she pulls out her foot! You look really disgusted - is it smelly in there? :-D But that wasn't even remotely the end! Next, you'll get our moist riding socks on your nose and you'll inhale the intense sock smell. And to make sure, you don't cheat by breathing through your nose, I'll put some gaffer tape on your mouth - now you don't have a choice and you have to breathe through your nose! In the end we take off our riding socks, make you smell our bare feet shortly and then leave you behind - with the riding socks on your nose of course, while we go shower!