Madame Marissa
Smell my sweat-soaked riding socks, slave!
Smell my sweat-soaked riding socks, slave!

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Come with me ... and get down onto the ground. It was so hot today and my feet are steaming in these high riding boots ... after a long day of stable work and riding my socks always soaked in foot-sweat and have a really strong smell - and you'll inhale this very smell now! t's your duty as a foot slave to serve your mistress' sweaty feet and socks - however bad the smell might be! I want you to breathe in deeply and really embrace the odor! And you'll also kiss my sweaty socks, maybe you get a taste of them to accompany the smell? And who knows ... maybe I'll make you pay for these socks and leave them with you ... so you can enjoy the smell and taste for some more hours?!