Madame Marissa
Smell my office nylons, chaste foot slave!
Smell my office nylons, chaste foot slave!

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Did you wait for me for a long time already? Until I finally come back from work and you can go on your knees to take off my heels? Can you already smell the intense odor of my nylon feet? Can you feel that they're a little moist, when I press them on your nose? And while I lay back on the couch and relax, you'll press your nose into my nylon feet and inhale the intense smell that build up during a long office day in my heels! Do you want to kiss my nylon feet as well, foot slave? Come on, give them a kiss! Too bad that your cock is locked in a chastity belt ... and I can't remember where I put the key for it ... so you definitely won't be able to cum today and the pain in your pants will get worse and worse the longer you smell my nylon feet ... but you also don't want to stop, or do you?! And you'll also clean the soles of my office heels with your tongue - and you may even stick your nose in them for a short time ... is it getting even tighter in your chastity belt?!