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Smell 4 sweaty socks after our workout
Smell 4 sweaty socks after our workout

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Nora and I just had a really great workout - and got really sweaty! And in the meantime, you lazy slave only stared, didn't you?! Come a little closer - we've to get our feet out of these tight workout shoes and you'll get them in your face! But first, we'll press our sneakers onto your nose - then you'll get the moist stinky socks on your face! The mix of our foot smells is truly disgusting - even when keeping a distance - I don't even want to imagine how bad it is, having them right on your nose! And in the end, we'll stuff these 4 sweat-soaked socks into your mouth and you'll suck all the foot sweat out of them while we're going to take a shower!