Madame Marissa
Slave's workout intensified!
Slave's workout intensified!

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I don't want my slave to get out of shape and ordered him to do regular workouts. I walk in on one of his workouts with my friend and we decide to make his training a little harder. While he's doing pushups we put a foot on his back and press down or even stand on his back - obviously that's too hard for the weak slave and he can't do many! Then I order him to turn around, raise his legs, sit down on his feet and make him leg-press my weight while I rest my feet on his face. Then it's time for the abs-workout! He has to do crunches while we're standing on his stomach. We took our shoes and socks off and after I stood on my tip-toes on his abs during crunches we just put our socks on his nose and he has to continue to do crunches while sniffing our socks!