Madame Marissa
Slave's sandwiches ripened in boots
Slave's sandwiches ripened in boots

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In the morning I bring a plate with 4 slices of toast and 2 slices of cheese to the slave - but he better doesn't get too excited! He dared to complain about the dull food he gets - and of course, I'll have both a solution and a punishment for that! I'll put 2 slices of bread and one slice of cheese under each of my feet and then wrap cling wrap around them - before I put on my boots and take off for the day! The plastic wrap around my feet and these warm boots will make my feet sweat really hard all day long - soaking the slave's sandwich with my foot sweat! In the evening when I come back, I unwrap the first sandwich and feed it to him - but he didn't to his slave tasks properly - so the second sandwich will ripen a little longer over night on my foot and he'll get to eat it the next morning! But until them, he'll eat the disgusting mix of crushed bread, molten cheese and foot sweat - and of course, clean my foot completely with his tongue!