Madame Marissa
Slave's hands trampled under expensive heels
Slave's hands trampled under expensive heels

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These Louboutin high heels are really extremely sexy - but this lucky slave is allowed to see them from up close today ... for a price obviously ... and the price is pain! And the amount of pain will be just as high as the price of these heels! I walk back and forth over his hands and flatten his fragile fingers under my sexy shoes ... and the thin heels dig deep into the slave's flesh! To humiliate him even more, I order him to kiss my heels - while crushing his hands under my full weight. This weakling is struggling to endure the massive pain, but that's the price such a loser has to pay to get to see such sexy shoes - and since I know he's addicted to me, we'll continue this painful session for as long as I want!