Madame Marissa
Slave's hands trampled in the office
Slave's hands trampled in the office

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I've told my colleague about my slave before and today I brought him with me into the office. The loser has to kneel on the ground next to my workplace and I start by resting my heels on his hands and driving over his hands with my office chair - then I start to trample his hands under my high heels and show my colleague how much fun it is to inflict pain on the loser! I show her how to properly trample a slave's hands - and of course, she gets to try it out for herself and tramples his hands under her boots as well. Must be humiliating to be outed as a slave like this and allowing other women to use him for their entertainment as well ... but as a submissive loser, he doesn't really have a choice - he'll do and endure anything I demand!