Madame Marissa
Slave's hands crushed unknowingly
Slave's hands crushed unknowingly

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I wanted to do another video of this kind for quite a while now - if you missed the first one search for "I don't see what I'm stepping on" in my store. In this video my friend blindfolds me and the slave's already lying on the floor with random stuff scattered around his hands. Then she grabs the camera and films me while I walk all over the stuff and the slave's hands in high heel boots! Of course I've no idea what I'm stepping on due to the blindfold - was that a doll or his palm where my heel just went into? Did I just crush a toy car or one of his finger joints under my boot sole? Of course sometimes I notice when I hit his hand due to his screaming and moaning :-D I even jump into the pile once! In the end I take off the blindfold, look at the damage I did and then trample his hands on purpose shortly before he has to thank me by kissing my boots!