Madame Marissa
Slave's hands and fingers under various high heels
Slave's hands and fingers under various high heels

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I'll play a really mean game with the slave today. I brought 4 different pairs of high heels - but first, I'll blindfold him and then I'll start trampling his hands under my high heel shoes and he'll have to guess which pair I use to torment him! They're all mean in their own way ... 2 have platforms, 2 have thin soles, 2 have really thin heels, 2 have slightly broader heels ... but they're all perfect to inflict pain on the slave, especially on the fragile fingers and hands! And obviously, I won't make it to easy for him ... I won't use them all in the same way ... with one pair, I'll just walk over his hands, with another, I'll keep standing on one hand, with another, I'll use the heels to concentrate the pain on a single finger - and therefore it's even harder for the slave to "win" our little game ... I've already won it anyway, since his suffering was all I cared for!