Madame Marissa
Slave's face under stinky socks and painful boots
Slave's face under stinky socks and painful boots

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I've locked the slave in the face trampling box and show him my nice warm ankle boots - that I immediately take off to press my stinky socks on his nose. I carelessly walk over his face, press my toes on his nose and enjoy how he helplessly whines under my feet. After a couple of minutes, he begs me not to make him smell my socks any more ... and I grant him this wish! But only, by putting my boots back on and continuing to trample his face under my boots. The tread of the boot soles leaves behind nice imprints on his face and he's definitely not suffering less than before - just different :-D By now he should know, that I'll always find a way to make him suffer and that he's always going to suffer in my presence!