Madame Marissa
Slave's a foot-worshipping pony
Slave's a foot-worshipping pony

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So, I was already waiting on the chair in the bedroom for my friend to bring the slave in - when she comes in riding on his back - like on a pony - hilarious! She gets the pony slave right in front of me and makes im kiss and lick my dirty sneakers while she's still riding on his back. We laugh at him - not only for being a shoe licker - but also for looking so damn ridiculous as a pony. I then take off my shoes and make him smell the inside of the shoes and my feet - before he gets to lick my bare feet. I slap his ass so hard once that he breaks down - but of course he has to get up and continue licking my feet. Then I change positions with my friend, ride the slave and direct his head while he worships her flats and later her bare feet. I also grab the camera for some close up foot licking and toe sucking :-)