Madame Marissa
Slave punished with running shoes and sweaty socks
Slave punished with running shoes and sweaty socks

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I just got back from a lengthy run and instruct the slave to lick the disgusting dirty soles of my running shoes - while I get to relax on the couch. He has to lick all the filth from my shoe soles and I tell him, what I'm going to do next! After a while I take of my running shoes and immediately press them on the slave's nose. After a few years of regular running in them, they've a special smell for sure - and now the slave's nose sticks deep in them and he has to inhale the foot stink! But he'll also get to smell the scent of my moist running socks for a while - before he has to smell my bare feet and then lick them clean! I don't want any foot sweat left on my feet!