Madame Marissa
Slave is allowed to choose the kind of pain
Slave is allowed to choose the kind of pain

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I love to give my slaves impossible choices - for this one I brought 2 very different kinds of boots. A pair of over knee boots with thin high heels and a pair of almost flat boots, with low and chunky heels - and I'll let him decide under which pair his hands are going to be crushed ... but with a twist of course! With the high heel ones I'll walk all over his hands again and again, but not keep the same position for very long ... with the flat boots on the other hand, I'll step on his hands and stay there for a long time, let my full weight flatten his fingers more and more! Very different boots - and very different pain ... how will the loser decide?! I don't really care ... I can make him scream in pain with both pairs easily!