Madame Marissa
Slave has to lick my muddy wellies
Slave has to lick my muddy wellies

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I'm in a really sadistic mood today. I'm wearing my see-through wellies when I see a muddy spot in the woods. I grind the boots in the dirt right in front of the slave, then push his head down into the mud and rub my boots all over his face. I even walk over his head a few times before I drag him to a nearby tree. I sit down and show you the dirty muddy soles of my wellington boots - then make the slave clean them with his tongue. He struggles to swallow all the dirt that collected in the deep tread of the rubber boot sole - but he has to try harder. After a while the boot soles are pretty clean - but I don't care - it was only to humiliate his boot licking loser and I'll show him that. I grab his neck and drag him back to the muddy spot - where I grind my freshly-cleaned boots in the mud again and then make him lick them again!