Madame Marissa
Slave has to clean my filthy boots after a walk
Slave has to clean my filthy boots after a walk

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I return from my walk to the car, and the slave who had to wait for me on his knees ... and my ankle boots got quite dirty on the walk! I sit down in the driver's seat and then order the slave to clean my boot soles with his tongue. These boots got a really deep tread - so there's plenty to lick off for the loser! He's completely disgusted by his task and I think he lacks a little bit of motivation ... so I'm going to help him! I make him put a single finger on the car's step - and then stand on this single finger with my whole weight, while he has to clean the other boot. Now he's finally a little more motivated and licks my boots quickly - while his finger is crushed by my full weight! Let's see if he's motivated enough for the second boot - or if I need to crush another finger! And once he's done with both boots, I punish him even more - by stepping out of the car again and then making him lick both dirty boots again!