Madame Marissa
Slave has to clean 4 filthy feet with his tongue
Slave has to clean 4 filthy feet with his tongue

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It's really hot today and I'm going for a stroll with Lady Nora - without shoes of course! We don't care that our feet will get dirty - in fact we're going to make them even more dirty on purpose - we have my slave waiting for us after all and the little loser needs something to work! When we get back, we show our dirty feet to the slave and order him to lick them clean - and the loser has to get to work immediately! After only a few strokes with his tongue over our foot soles, his tongue is dirty and of course we make fun of him the whole time. He still got a lot to do though - some of the dirt is really sticking to our toes and foot soles and a little bit of foot sweat made it stick even better :-D We're not in a rush and we don't let this loser go before all 4 feet are completely clean again!