Madame Marissa
Slave girl suffers under the riding mistress' ass
Slave girl suffers under the riding mistress' ass

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The slave girl really enjoyed being my seat pad recently - but today I'm going to make sure she doesn't enjoy our facesitting session. Not only is this little bitch bound and can't defend herself - but also I'm wearing my riding pants with leather inlays and sit down on her face to smother her. The hard pants flatten her nose and hurt her a lot - while she's smothered by my divine butt. Maybe I should make it even harder and more painful for her by bouncing a little bit? After just a few minutes she has the center seam imprinted into her face and she's really starting to suffer - that's how it's supposed to be! Later, I undo the rope from her hands and use this rope to pull her head firmly into my ass. Let's see how long she can take this kind of punishment!