Madame Marissa
Slave girl smells and licks sweaty socks and feet
Slave girl smells and licks sweaty socks and feet

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After a long run, I return home and pull the slave girl into the living room on a leash. I immediately take off my jogging shoes and press them onto her nose - followed by my sweat-soaked socks obviously. I love how she's disgusted by the intense smell of my shoes and feet - and how she can't get away with the leash keeping her nicely in position! She has no chance, but to inhale the intense sweat smell - but this was only the first part of her humiliation. Next, I take off my socks as well and order her to lick my naked sweaty feet. She has to lick my foot soles from the heels to the toes and also suck off all the sweat from my toes as well! And in the end, before I head to the shower, I stuff my stinky socks into her mouth and order her to suck them clean while I'm away!