Madame Marissa
Slave girl publicly humiliated and dominated
Slave girl publicly humiliated and dominated

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I'm going for a run - and I'm going to take the slave girl with me! I've bound her hands and keep her on a short leash to show everyone in the park that she's my slave bitch! After a long and exhausting run, I stop and sit down - and order the bitch to kneel down in front of me and take off my running shoes - only to coerce the bitch to smell my stinky shoes. But she's not only going to smell the shoes ... she'll also get the fresh smell of moist socks! I bind her hands to a pole to make sure she can't get away from me and then press my stinky socks on her nose! And when she's done smelling my socks, she'll also lick all the foot sweat from my bare feet. In the end I stuff the disgusting socks into her mouth and then leave her behind ... so everyone can see the tied-up slave girl with my socks in her mouth!