Madame Marissa
Slave girl locked in the facesitting box
Slave girl locked in the facesitting box

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I've bound the slave girl's hands and feet - and on top of that, I locked her in the smother box. This way she's completely at my mercy - and my ass' mercy - just how I like it! I sit down on her face and my sexy ass smothers her - and she has no chance, but to endure this treatment. No matter how much she moans and struggles - there's no way she can free herself. I sit down on her face mercilessly again and again - and only I get to decide, when and how long she's going to be allowed to breathe in between! The fact that I'm wearing tight hard jeans, that flatten her nose completely and leaves behind a nice seam imprint on her face, doesn't make it any easier for her to endure either! She'll be my seatpad for as long as I want her to!