Madame Marissa
Slave girl licks my office pumps - soles and insoles!
Slave girl licks my office pumps - soles and insoles!

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I noticed that my office pumps aren't clean yet - the slave girl needs to take care of that before I go to the office and into meetings. First, I order her to lick the soles of my heels and swallow all of the dirt. The dirt from my shoe soles is just the best breakfast for such a loser. After she has cleaned both of my shoe soles to my satisfaction, I decide to humiliate her some more - I still got a few more minutes to spare. These office pumps are one of the oldest pairs of shoes and collected my foot sweat in the leather and insoles for years - therefore I quickly take them off and order the slave girl to also clean the inside thoroughly. She has to start at the tips, where my toes always are and then lick the complete insole until she gets to the heels! Before I put on my shoes again and drive into the office, I also order her to clean any lint and sweat from my nylon feet with his tongue!