Madame Marissa
Slave girl licks dirty boots and smells stinky socks
Slave girl licks dirty boots and smells stinky socks

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The slave girl sits in front of me, and I order her to lick the filthy soles of my boots. She's struggling with the disgusting taste of all the street dirt that's stuck in the deep tread of the soles, but she doesn't get a choice! Of course she also has to suck the chunky heels and clean the leather of my boots with her tongue. After a while I ask her if she wants to stop licking my boots ... and of course, she says yes ... she should have known that I'll then choose something else to make her life miserable! I take off my boots and explain to her, that I'm wearing these socks for a few days already - and they're extremely stinky! Now I'll press her face into these stinky sweaty socks and enjoy how she suffers!