Madame Marissa
Slave girl coerced to smell our feet after workout
Slave girl coerced to smell our feet after workout

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The little bitch is blindfolded, gagged, completely bound and on a leash - and now Anastasia and I will torture her with our sweaty stinky feet after a long workout. We've been wearing these socks for a few days already and now they've a disgusting smell. With the gag in her mouth, the slave girl has no chance but to breathe through her nose and smell the stinky socks in front of her. We use the leash to pull her face firmly into the moist socks and coerce her to inhale the intense smell. While she's disgusted by the smell, we only make fun of this pathetic foot smelling bitch. In the end we also make her sniff the inside of our workout shoes and then remove the gag - so she can lick the sweat out of our socks!