Madame Marissa
Slave gets what he desires – almost!
Slave gets what he desires – almost!

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I sit down in front of the slave showing my sexy Casadei heels. I tell him that I want him to lick my shoes and he seems to be really happy when he sees my sexy heels, that are not only sexy, but also pretty clean. I tell him that he should beg me to lick my shoes – and after a while, when he begged a lot, I reach behind the couch and grab my dirty, muddy running shoes! He only begged me to lick my shoes ... I didn’t say which pair he’ll lick! He’s clearly disgusted when he sees the dirt-covered rough soles of my Inov running shoes – but he doesn’t have a choice, but to lick them. His tongue has to slide through the deep tread of the shoes and collect all the filth that’s stuck between the studs. I don’t even bother to put these shoes on – I only hold them for him for a short time, then give the shoe to him and tell him that he has to continue licking them clean while I just watch. Maybe watching the pretty heels on my feet gives him a little motivation to clean the mud off my shoes properly – it will be quite some time until he has cleaned both shoes properly!