Madame Marissa
Slave gets brutally kicked and trampled
Slave gets brutally kicked and trampled

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I order the slave to lick the dirty soles of my trailrunning shoes - but this loser begs me, not to make him lick them! Well, then I'll just kick the dirt out of them! He has to stand up and I kick his chest over and over again. The power of my kicks throws him back every single time and the tread leaves behind nice imprints on his chest. When he can't stand up anymore, I decide to just trample him - just like on a human doormat! Then I take off my shoes and socks, stuff my sweat-soaked socks into his mouth and order him to stand up again - so I can kick him with my bare feet! When he can't endure that anymore and stays on the ground, I just continue to kick and trample him on the ground. That's going to teach him a lesson - no begging - just following orders!