Madame Marissa
Slave coerced to lick 4 dirty bare feet!
Slave coerced to lick 4 dirty bare feet!

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I'm walking outside with a friend and we're both not wearing shoes. We talk about how dirty our feet will get - but that's not going to be our problem - since I ordered my slave to wait for us - he'll have to clean our dirty feet! We rub our feet all over some dirty spots until they're completely dirty. Then we go back to the slave, sit down on the couch and order him to lick our dirty foot soles! For my friend it's the first time to use a foot slave - and she's enjoys the humiliation as this loser licks all the dirt from her feet. After a long warm day her feet are pretty sweaty as well - so we coerce the loser the lick all of her foot sweat from in between her toes as well! And of course he has to clean my dirty feet as well - while we're both making fun of him!