Madame Marissa
Short guy becomes tiny guy!
Short guy becomes tiny guy!

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Come a little closer ... how does it feel to be such a short guy? You're already shorter than me - even when I'm sitting :-D And you'll shrink even more ... every time I call you a short guy, you'll shrink a little more ... you know sexy women like me like tall guys ... not short guys! I'll shrink you more and more - until you're even shorter than my heels! Do you like my sexy high heels? But you should be afraid of them ... I could simply crush you underneath my shoes - and I would probably not even feel your tiny body! I'll take my shoes off for you ... so you can have a look at my big nylon feet - even my toes are bigger than you now! I'll put you between my toes, so you can look up to me through the nylon fabric ... if I'd press my toes together now ... you'd probably only leave a little red stain on my nylons :-D But I've another idea ... I'll put back on my shoes ... first the right one ... then I'll put you into the left one ... and put it on as well! Do you think you'll survive when I walk a few steps with you in my high heels? No, I don't think you will! :-D This is a non-exclusive custom clip for a fan. If you want me to do a custom clip for you, send me an email to!