Madame Marissa
Shoe prints on your face for guys night out
Shoe prints on your face for guys night out

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You beg me to be careful today and not leave behind marks on you today? Because you want to get together with your buddies later for a guys night out? Well ... I think as a slave you've to be properly marked! And I'll make sure that your whole face is covered in boot prints when I'm done with you! And you won't cancel on your friends ... you'll have your guys night out and you'll explain to your buddies that you're just a slave and you had to serve your mistress as a doormat. Do you think your friends will still respect you after that? If they're even close to real men, they surely won't - but that's not a problem either - as a slave you don't need any socializing at all! And now endure the pain and be a good doormat for your mistress!