Madame Marissa
Shoe cleaner for my friend's filthy shoes
Shoe cleaner for my friend's filthy shoes

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I'm on the phone with a friend and while the loser licks the disgusting filthy soles of my boots, I tell her about the "shoe cleaning machine" that takes care of the annoying shoe cleaning for me ... and as I look into the disgusted face of the slave, I get an idea! I offer my friend that she can bring her dirty shoes to me and that I'll clean them in my "shoe cleaning machine"! My friend doesn't get it, but the slave obviously realizes immediately that he'll have to lick her shoes clean as well! The next day I show the slave the boots and shoes my friend gave me and then he has to clean them with his tongue - the leather as well as the filthy soles. And of course, my friend needs to know that her shoes get cleaned properly - so I photograph and film the slave while he licks her shoes - and send her the photos and videos! And now that I have these pieces of evidence ... maybe I can make use of them in another way as well ... :-D