Madame Marissa
Shoe and nylon worship after a long workday
Shoe and nylon worship after a long workday

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I get out of the office and walk over to the parking lot, get into my car and drive home. Of course my slave's already lying next to the door like I ordered him to. I stand next to his head and rub the dirty soles of my high heels on his tongue until they're both clean. Of course he has to suck the heels clean as well before I walk into the living room and order him to follow me. I sit down on the edge of the couch and rest my shoes on his chest as I take the first one off. Such a relief to get the sweaty nylons out of these shoes after a long day in the office. I immediately press my nylon foot on his nose and mouth - he shall enjoy the odor fresh out of the shoes! In the meantime I take off my second shoe and make him smell the other foot as well. Then he has to kiss the sweaty & stinky nylons and finally lick them as well :-)