Madame Marissa
Sexy high heels make the loser scream
Sexy high heels make the loser scream

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These high heels are just as dangerous as they're beautiful! And I love to use them to trample the slave's hands ... the white leather has such a nice contrast to the red skin underneath and when I keep in the same spot for a long time, it turns almost as white as my shoes :-D And the metal heels ... they're so thin, concentrate my weight on such a small surface ... just perfect to make the loser scream in pain! I only need to put a little pressure on the thin heels to sink them deep into the slave flesh and leave behind painful deep marks ... and the more weight I put on them, the prettier the marks get! This slave is really struggling to endure the massive pain, but he tries his best to please his mistress ... and I really appreciate his efforts ... but let's be honest ... I can - and will - make him scream in pain with ease!