Madame Marissa
Sexy double trampling with high heels and nylons
Sexy double trampling with high heels and nylons

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Once again I team-up with Madame Madison to punish the loser. We're already dressed up for a girl's night out and the slave has to deliver us drinks. We decide to give him a quick trampling to keep us entertained while we enjoy our drinks. We start wearing high heels - but we have to pay too much attention to keep our balance - we want to enjoy this and not worry about falling off - so we take off our shoes and continue to trample the slave. Now we can easily jump and stomp all over him without worrying about hurting ourselves. Of course he gets some hard head- and facetrampling as well as some throatstanding! When he's totally exhausted and we're getting bored by him we just head out to party!