Madame Marissa
Running giantess turns you into her slave
Running giantess turns you into her slave

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I didn't notice you when I first ran by, little guy! Look at the giant footprint my jogging shoe left in the mud - if you'd have been in this spot you'd have been flattened right away! But on my way back, I stop to do some stretching and notice you on the ground - and simply pick you up. You're so small, you can stand on the palm of my hand - so I can take a close look at you. You confess, that you tried to follow me - but your little legs obviously couldn't keep up. I take off my jogging shoe in front of you and show you how big my foot is compared to your tiny body. Should I take you home with me? Keep you as my little slave? I'll just put you into my shoe ... do you like that? Smelling the inside of my shoe and looking up to my big foot and giant body? Maybe I'll take you home and keep you as my little foot massager - as small as you are, you'd be able to massage between my toes perfectly after a long run!