Madame Marissa
Running giantess is dangerous for you, little man!
Running giantess is dangerous for you, little man!

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Do you think it's smart to spy on a giantess like me when you're such a tiny man hidden in the grass?! With this uneven forest ground, I don't even notice stepping on your tiny body and continue my run into the forest! But you didn't learn from this painful experience, did you? When I come back and do some stretching - you're spying on me again, but this time I notice you! I'll grab you and take you with me ... I'll later decide what to do you with you ... for now I'll stuff you into my sports bra, so I don't have to carry you. When I get back to the car, I put you on the ground and show you my running shoes up close ... do you think you'll survive me walking over your tiny body a couple of times? The deep tread of my running shoes is surely going to do some damage to you. And then, when you're almost completely squished already, I'll just get into my car and drive over your tiny body ... the car's tire will put 10x more pressure on you than my body could ... and you'll surely get crushed completely under it!