Madame Marissa
Roommate's boyfriend seduced with feet
Roommate's boyfriend seduced with feet

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When I come home, I find my roommate Tina's boyfriend on the couch - while my roommate is not at home. I noticed before that her boyfriend glanced at my feet ... so I decide to tease him a little bit. I show him the new flats I bought, then take them off and walk around without shoes. As I pick up the vacuum, I ask him if he could help me put the shoes back on quickly ... and of course, he does as I ask. Then I open a bag of gummy bears in the kitchen and of course some of them "accidently" fall on the floor - so I ask him to pick them up - while walking around without shoes again. I tell him to smell the flats - they have a strong leather smell to them! Then he continues to pick up the gummy bears, while I step on them - and his hands! Then it's time for the final foot fetishist test ... I order him to eat some gummy bears that were sticking to my feet! Of course, now he's in heaven and I just order him to lie down, so I can feed him some more with my feet! How will my roommate react when she finds out about his foot fetish and that he ate from my feet?! :-D This is a non-exclusive role-playing custom clip for a fan. If you want me to do a custom clip for you, send me an email to!