Madame Marissa
Really cheesy feet for my slave
Really cheesy feet for my slave

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As you guys know I'm always looking for new ideas to torture my slave - and as my feet get sweaty and smelly - but don't get that "cheesy" smell I thought I'd improvise ;-) I cut out insoles out of cheese for my high heels in the morning, put them in my shoes and then head to the office. When I get home in the evening the cheese is obviously melted by the warmth of my feet and my feet got a nice cheesy smell! Time to call for my slave as I sit at the desk ... and give him a cheesy snack ;-) First he gets to smell and lick my feet. Obviously he's pretty disgusted by the smell and taste - but of course he has to clean them completely with his tongue. Afterwards I scratch the melted cheese out of my shoes and feed it to him with my feet. In the end I make him lick the inside of my shoes until they're completely clean!