Madame Marissa
Punished under my sweaty ass - just for fun!
Punished under my sweaty ass - just for fun!

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First, you'll get to adore my sexy ass as I go for an extensive run - then I go back to the slave, push him to the ground and slam my sweaty ass onto his face! It's not that he did anything wrong - it's just really entertaining for me to make him suffer under my sweaty ass :-D I smother him under my butt and simply enjoy how he's struggling and whining - that he gets my ass sweat rubbed all over his face only adds to the entertainment :-D He's just a useless and right-less slave that I can use and torment however I like and whenever I like! I'm in a really mean mood today and sometimes only let him breathe 1 or 2 times before I slam my butt back down and he's smothered under my ass again!