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Psychological diagnosis: foot fetish!
Psychological diagnosis: foot fetish!

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I'm a psychologist and this patient made an appointment with me - he's in a relationship, but really isn't attracted to his girlfriend anymore - and wants me to find out why that is! Right away I notice how he can't really concentrate on me - and is rather concentrated on my high heel - dangling on my foot right in front of his eyes and I've got a clue ... but of course, I need to verify my clue before diagnosing him. I try out different things, ask him some questions, take off my shoes and casually hold my nylon feet close to his face - making sure he gets smells the scent of them, drop my pens on the ground and touch his hand with my foot as he tries to pick them up - until I'm sure - he has a strong foot fetish and that's probably the reason he isn't attracted to his girlfriend like a normal man! He claims he doesn't have a foot fetish - but the reality is, that it's quite obvious - my diagnosis is undoubtably true! This is a non-exclusive role-playing custom clip for a fan. If you want me to do a custom clip for you, send me an email to!